CU Futures

CU Futures

A 10 month personal and professional development programme for credit union professionals aged 35 to train and retain talent and create the next generation of credit union leaders

It incorporates formal learning through an accredited qualification alongside personal development through The Pacific Institute, networking and engagement, working visits to other credit unions and a team project challenge where participants develop and present an idea to meet a sector challenge

  • 64 individuals completed the programme over 6 years
  • 100% of participants would recommend the programme to a colleague
  • 49 credit unions have supported individuals to complete the programme and participants come from across Scotland, England and Wales

“CU Futures has been a 12 month rollercoaster ride that’s seen me rubbing shoulders with MPs and dancing with ABCUL Board members whilst learning a great deal about the credit union movement and even more about myself. It’s been an unforgettable experience.” Year 1 Graduate

“It was a challenging journey, no doubt, but was made easier by the great people I got to meet during the course. Having had only a limited experience of the credit union sector prior to CU Futures, I sometimes felt inadequate at work. The program has changed that drastically. I hope I will be able to use this knowledge for the benefit of my credit union and the sector as a whole.” Year 1 Graduate

“My anxiety had stopped me even getting on a train before. CU Futures has given me the confidence to push myself out of my shell; it’s been an incredibly personal experience.” Year 1 Graduate

“I started the programme at a really crucial point in my credit union career. The programme gave me the ignition I needed to feel passionate again about what I was trying to do within my role at the credit union. Sharing experiences with others gave me the light at the end of the tunnel, knowing I wasn’t alone with my work struggles and it made everything seem worth it again.” Year 3 Graduate

“Honestly I’m very grateful for this program as I was at a point in my career as well as personally where I had lost my confidence was a little negative about doing new things. The impact of the program has been very positive and since the very beginning I have continued to use what I have learned within my career and personal life. Within work I approach bringing new ideas, asking questions completely differently than before and push a bit more for results instead of waiting for someone else to make it happen.” Year 3 Graduate

Deadline extended until 9th of May 2022!
Applications are open until close of business on the 9th of May 2022 please send all completed applications to