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CU Futures, sponsored by CMutual initiative aims to support the career progression and retention of individuals in the sector by enhancing their skills, knowledge, and experience.

This is a one-of-a-kind development opportunity for young professionals within our sector to further their skills and experience and progress to the next stage of their careers.

You can also find further information about the course in the CU Futures programme here. If you have any questions, please contact programme manager, Jake Hatch (Jake.Hatch@abcul.org).



What is CU Futures?

CU Futures is a 10-month intensive development programme designed for young professionals in the credit union sector. This unique initiative focuses on enhancing skills, knowledge, and experience in the sector, supporting career progression and retention. CU Futures participants engage in diverse activities, from team project challenges to attending board meetings and analysing their credit union’s financial performance. They gain a comprehensive understanding of the credit union sector, both nationally and globally, and develop vital leadership skills.

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What We Do

In the CU Futures programme, participants engage in diverse activities such as team project challenges, attending board meetings, and analyzing their credit union’s financial performance. This program offers a comprehensive view of the credit union sector on both national and global scales. It focuses on developing essential leadership skills, enabling participants to excel in their roles and contribute significantly to the growth and success of their credit unions.


  • To support and develop young people across the credit union movement
  • To attract and retain talent within the credit union sector,
  • To educate and strengthen the credit union movement by providing the necessary tools and resources to develop strong leadership.

Qualifying Requirements

  • Credit union professionals up to age 35
  • Staff, Board Member, or Volunteer of an ABCUL member Credit Union
  • Have support from your credit union to participate in the programme
    Committed to participating in the programme schedule

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Reach out to us and learn more about the credit union sector. Our team is eager to share knowledge and initiatives about how credit unions empower communities, support individual growth, and foster financial literacy.

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Other Upcoming Initiatives

Stay informed about our upcoming initiatives designed to further empower credit unions and their communities.


The Development Educator EU (DEEU) program aims to enhance credit union operations across Europe. This initiative focuses on providing extensive training and resources, fostering cross-border collaboration and innovation within the credit union sector.

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Save and Sound is a heritage project by the Credit Union Foundation, funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. It aims to preserve the early history of credit unions in Britain through oral history interviews, a new website, events, courses, podcasts, and a toolkit to replicate the work in other regions.

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Connect with us to learn more about our work or how you can get involved. Our team is eager to engage with individuals and organisations committed to the credit union cause.

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We seek passionate, driven individuals who demonstrate a strong commitment to the credit union movement. Ideal candidates are eager to learn, ready to embrace new challenges, and keen to apply their knowledge within their credit unions.

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