Supporting Credit Union Development & Operation

At the Credit Union Foundation, we are committed to fostering the growth and effectiveness of credit unions across the UK. By focusing on key areas of development and operation, we strive to enhance their capabilities and reach, ensuring they can provide the best possible services to their communities.

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Who We Are

The Credit Union Foundation is a proactive organisation dedicated to enhancing people’s lives in the UK. We support the development and operation of robust credit unions while promoting public awareness about their significance.

Education Initiatives

We focus on developing educational initiatives for those working or volunteering in credit unions, enhancing their skills to serve their communities more effectively.

Credit Union Grants

Our foundation provides critical grants and support to credit unions, enabling them to expand their service reach and impact.

Education Opportunities

We offer diverse learning opportunities to individuals in credit unions, facilitating knowledge exchange across different sectors of the credit union community.

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Our Objectives

Our primary objective is to uplift the UK population by nurturing strong, effective credit unions and raising public consciousness about their importance.

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Relieving Poverty

We are dedicated to alleviating poverty by empowering credit unions to provide financial solutions and support to underprivileged communities, ensuring equitable access to financial services.

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Advancing Education

Our foundation champions the advancement of education by supporting educational programs and initiatives within credit unions, fostering a culture of continuous learning and development.

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Providing Grants

We actively provide grants to credit unions, aiding them in enhancing their services and outreach and enabling them to undertake new, innovative projects for community betterment.

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Supporting Communities

Our commitment extends to bolstering communities through credit unions and supporting initiatives that drive community development, engagement, and overall well-being.

Learn More with Us

Reach out to us and learn more about the credit union sector. Our team is eager to share knowledge and initiatives about how credit unions empower communities, support individual growth, and foster financial literacy.

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Our Graduates

Hear from our graduates about the blend of leadership training and practical experience they received in our program.

Join Us

Immerse yourself in this exceptional development opportunity, where you’ll engage in meaningful projects, attend industry events, and exchange ideas with other credit unions. The programme culminates in presentations to an expert panel, offering participants a chance to showcase their innovative ideas and solutions.

1. Complete our application

Start your journey with Credit Union education by filling out our comprehensive application form.

2. We'll review your application

Our team will carefully review your application to understand your background, your commitment to credit union development, and how you can contribute to and benefit from the programs.

3. We'll contact you

Once we’ve reviewed your application, we’ll get in touch with you to discuss the next steps, answer any questions, and potentially welcome you to the program.

What Are We Looking For?

We seek passionate, driven individuals who demonstrate a strong commitment to the credit union movement. Ideal candidates are eager to learn, ready to embrace new challenges, and keen to apply their knowledge within their credit unions.

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What Our Members Say

Hear from our members about the difference Credit Union Foundation has made in their lives and communities.

“Prior to completing the CU Futures programme I knew but a small handful of people within the sector, but knew next to nothing about other credit unions. Following the programme this all changed. I now had a group of people from all sizes of credit unions and roles to reach out to, had the confidence to attend events knowing I would find a familiar face. Since this experience I have gone onto speak at forums and events, host webinars and sessions, contribute at conferences, gain promotion within my credit union and chair the Young Professionals Committee.”

Luke McGilvray

CU Futures

“I am really grateful for the insights and knowledge I gained through the DEEU course. The programme motivated me to drive positive changes within my credit union and allowed me to connect with so many people in the sector. I highly recommend the course to anyone, no matter your role or how long you’ve been in the sector!”

Chris Kerrigan

Marketing Manager,

Serve and Protect Credit Union

“I had the privilege of attending the DEEU course in Edinburgh during September 2023.  I can honestly say without a shadow of doubt that this was a brilliant experience and whilst I would not want to spoil the surprises in store for future attendees, I totally ‘Trust this process’.  The facilitation is excellent, and it was a great opportunity to develop ideas with like-minded Credit Union professionals from all levels, be it staff member or volunteer.  I cannot recommend this course enough and it sets you up to succeed”

Jon Sykes

Business Development Officer,

Serve and Protect Credit Union

“I had worked in a Credit Union for several years when I was asked to attend a DEEU programme in 2016 by the CEO. I did not want to spend 5 days away from family, but reluctantly I agreed to attend. I arrived not looking forward to it but have to say I found it to be a very worthwhile experience. I learnt a lot about the Credit Union movement and obtained a greater understanding of what we are here for. I also made great friends/contacts that I still speak to whenever I have a question. As always Credit Union employees are keen to help. “

Mark Brazendale

(DEEU,CeMAP) Chief Executive Officer,

Salford Credit Union

Get In Touch

Connect with us to learn more about our work or how you can get involved. Our team is eager to engage with individuals and organisations committed to the credit union cause.

Contact Info

Have questions or need more information? Our friendly team is here to help. Reach out to us via email or call us directly. Stay connected with the latest updates by visiting our website. We’re committed to supporting your journey with the Credit Union Foundation.

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