Citi Foundation


The ongoing partnership with Citi Foundation, ABCUL and The Credit Union Foundation has helped to develop some proactive and impactful solutions for the credit union sector, with a particular focus on low income workers and financial inclusion. We have worked to understand various issues that are affecting the sector and have secured funding with Citi Foundation to help to develop solutions that will support sustainability and growth. ABCUL & CUF is very proud to partner with Citi Foundation and thanks them for their commitment and support.

With the support of Citi Foundation, The Credit Union Foundation has been able to support the sector through the launch of ABCUL Academy, ABCUL Insight, Employer Research and Engagement and CU Futures.

Citi Bank have also supported British credit union through funding for British Credit Unions to attend Inclusiv (formerly the National Federation for Community Development Credit Unions) conferences in the US and for Inclusiv members to visit the ABCUL Annual Conference too.