Volunteering for Save and Sound

Volunteering for Save and Sound

There will be two main volunteering opportunities with the project. 

Volunteer Interviewers will carry out oral history interviews with people who come forward to take part in the project.  They will receive training in oral history, and in using the recording equipment, which they will be supplied with.  Training will be carried out by the Oral History Society and, at least initially, this will be online. 

Time Commitment – initial training with Oral History Society of two half days. Further training during the project equivalent to two full days.  Monthly meetings (maximum one hour) will take place online, but attendance will be voluntary.  The time commitment for each oral history interview is likely to be between half a day to one day.  Ideally each volunteer would be able to carry out at least four interviews, at times that are mutually agreeable with the interviewee.    

Digital Volunteers will make sure the website is populated with a range of photographs and other material.  They will assist in digitisation of a range of material sourced from credit unions and trade association. 

Time Commitment - initial training with website provider of up to one day.  Monthly meetings (maximum one hour) will take place online, but attendance will be voluntary.  Time commitment to be discussed; will be flexible to fit in with other commitments. 

Volunteers will be supported to carry out their roles through regular communications and monthly online meetings.  All out of pocket expenses will be paid and, when we are able to meet in person, cake will be provided! 

There will also be opportunities to get involved in events and other activities such as the development of an online course and toolkit for further oral history collection. 

The project is keen to ensure that the diversity of the credit union movement is also reflected in the volunteer team.  Please do get in touch to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about volunteering for Save and Sound.  We are committed to removing any barriers, where possible, to ensure everyone is able to join the team if they wish to do so. 

For more information, please get in touch with Abbie Shelton – abbie.shelton@creditunionfoundation.org.uk