Assessment Criteria

The grants are intended to help credit unions build on the successes they have already achieved to date, and help remove barriers to further growth and development.

In assessing the applications, we will consider:

  • The credit union's proposals for using its grant and how these will improve their overall sustainability in the longer term.
  • In the case of seed fund grants, the extent to which the grant might help the credit union consolidate its work to date and put it in a stronger position to apply for a large grant in a subsequent funding round.  If the seed fund grant application is for salaries, we will be looking carefully at the sustainability of the work, the outcomes proposed and how the role will become sustainable if applicable..
  • The credit union's financial ratios which we will assess using PEARLS and the World Council of Credit Union's recommended goals.  Key ratios will include reserves to assets, loans to assets, delinquency, operating costs and net income.  (See
  • The credit union's business plan (or equivalent) and the extent to which it offers strong proposals for maintaining and improving its financial ratios and financial self sufficiency.
  • The scale and scope of the credit union's activities, including how it intends to increase its membership and widen its membership base, where applicable.
  • The extent to which the application and business plan demonstrate the credit union can meet the programme's funding conditions.
  • The credit union’s ability to provide clear measures of success to demonstrate the impact of the funding within the application.