2016 Winners

2016 Winners

1st Class Credit Union Ltd

1st Class Credit Union was awarded a Large Grant of £60,0000 to strengthen their capital asset ratio

Blackpool Fylde & Wyre Credit Union Ltd

Blackpool Fylde & Wyre received £100,000 to enable it to provide its services to people in Preston and to improve its capital to assets ratio

Calderdale Credit Union Limited

Calderdale Credit Union received £100,000 to maintain capital requirements over the next five years to allow interest income to deliver an intervention strategy into a neighbouring community

Croydon Merton & Sutton Credit Union Ltd

Croydon Merton & Sutton Credit Union received a Seed Grant of £16,939  for development of credit control and   purchasing of new software and IT equipment

Greenwich & Bexley Credit Union 

Greenwich & Bexley Credit Union received £100,000 Capital reserves to meet new requirement and support  plans for modernisation

Harlowsave Credit Union Limited

Harlowsave Credit Union were awarded £20,000 for costs related to a proposed merger including due diligence, HR, IT integration, marketing, legal and project  management

Hillingdon Credit Union Ltd

Hillingdon Credit Union received £50,000 to increase capital reserves to  the required capital asset ratio and support continued growth

Hull & East Yorkshire Credit Union Limited

Hull & East Yorkshire Credit Union received £100,000 to strengthen their reserves to asset ratio

Just Credit Union Ltd

Just Credit Union received to fund a Business Development Officer for 12 months to develop marketing, PR and member and outreach development

NE First Credit Union Ltd

NE First Credit Union received £50,000 to increase their capital reserves to improve capital asset ratio and support growth and sustainability

Neath PortTalbot Credit Union Ltd

Neath Port Talbot Credit Union received £60,000 to support continued growth and sustainability by providing a capital injection into reserves

Newtownards Credit Union 

Newtownards Credit Union received £13,600 to purchase new IT equipment, replace a workstation and website development to provide digital services to members

North London Credit Union Limited

North London Credit Union Limited received £50,000 support their capital asset ratio, loan growth and future sustainability

Pioneer Mutual Credit Union

Pioneer Mutual Credit Union received £50,000 reserves to enable the credit union to fully expand the common bond across the West of Scotland

Riverside Credit Union Limited

Riverside Credit Union received £90,000 in capital reserves to help growth through expanding current loan products and to support partnerships with local employers

Sefton Credit Union Limited

Sefton Credit Union £20,000 for refurbishment of new premises, purchase of new furniture and IT equipment

Slemish n tha Braid Credit Union

Slemish n tha Braid Credit Union received £19,000 to purchase new IT software, member communications, translation services and to develop employer partnerships

Stevenage Credit Union Limited

Stevenage Credit Union received £50,000 to grow their loan book and build reserves in line with increasing capital asset ratio

Stirling Credit Union Ltd

Stirling Credit Union received £11,400 to purchase new IT equipment and software

Western Lothian Credit Union (a trading name of Livingston   Credit Union)

Western Lothian Credit Union received £20,000 to improve their capital asset ratio to support sustainability and growth

Wyvern Savings and Loans

Wyvern Savings and Loans received £20,000 to contribute towards improving their capital asset ratio to support sustainability and growth