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individuals completed the programme over 6 years


of participants would recommend the programme to a colleague


credit unions have supported individuals to complete the programme across the UK

Our Response

“CU Futures has been a 12 month rollercoaster ride that’s seen me rubbing shoulders with MPs and dancing with ABCUL Board members whilst learning a great deal about the credit union movement and even more about myself. It’s been an unforgettable experience.” Year 1 Graduate

“It was a challenging journey, no doubt, but was made easier by the great people I got to meet during the course. Having had only a limited experience of the credit union sector prior to CU Futures, I sometimes felt inadequate at work. The program has changed that drastically. I hope I will be able to use this knowledge for the benefit of my credit union and the sector as a whole.” Year 1 Graduate

“My anxiety had stopped me even getting on a train before. CU Futures has given me the confidence to push myself out of my shell; it’s been an incredibly personal experience.” Year 1 Graduate

New Case Study Coming Soon

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Upcoming Initiatives

Stay informed about our upcoming initiatives designed to further empower credit unions and their communities.

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CU Futures

CU Futures is a dynamic initiative focused on nurturing the next generation of credit union leaders. Through targeted education and development programs, we are investing in the future of the credit union movement.

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The DE Europe Programme aims to enhance credit union operations across Europe. This initiative focuses on providing extensive training and resources, fostering cross-border collaboration and innovation within the credit union sector.

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Save & Sound

Save and Sound is a heritage project by the Credit Union Foundation, funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. It aims to preserve the early history of credit unions in Britain through oral history interviews, a new website, events, courses, podcasts, and a toolkit to replicate the work in other regions.

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