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New Blog Post Coming Soon!

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Reach out to us and learn more about the credit union sector. Our team is eager to share knowledge and initiatives about how credit unions empower communities, support individual growth, and foster financial literacy.

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Discover more about our dedication to strengthening the UK’s credit union movement.

Who We Are

The Credit Union Foundation is a proactive organisation dedicated to enhancing people’s lives in the UK. We support the development and operation of robust credit unions while promoting public awareness about their significance.

Education Initiatives

We focus on developing educational initiatives for those working or volunteering in credit unions, enhancing their skills to serve their communities more effectively.

Credit Union Grants

Our foundation provides critical grants and support to credit unions, enabling them to expand their service reach and impact.

Education Opportunities

We offer diverse learning opportunities to individuals in credit unions, facilitating knowledge exchange across different sectors of the credit union community.

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